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We welcome you to the Phase 4 Website & Blog and invite you to explore the site in order to learn more about how we may be able to bring our experience with others and our expertise in the radiology space to assist you and your leadership teams navigating the ever-increasing challenge that is today's business of healthcare.

On the site, you will find the most frequently sought-after support services we provide; a listing of our most recent client engagements; as well as a list of invited publications and speaking engagements we have been privleged to contribute to the profession - and are available for the asking.

Many of our colleagues, friends and current clients have reached out to us to congratulate us on the formation of Phase 4, but they also want to know how the heck we chose the name of the firm.

As we thought through an appropriate and descriptive name for the practice, it occurred that not only is Phase 4 the fourth stage of my professional career being of service to radiology leaders, hospitals/health systems and imaging centers, but is also recognition that the profession of radiology (and especially the business of radiology) is in its fourth phase of transformation as a profession. We have been through a lot together - and yet more "transformation" is upon us. With both of those realities recognized, choosing the name of my new firm was pretty much a 'no-brainer'.

Phase 4 Radiology Business Strategies fit like a glove.

Two important descriptors are deliberately in the name of the firm - Business and Strategies. As you will see, we are in the business of identifying and successfully dealing with the continual complexities of the business of radiology and developing strategic action plans necessary to meet the challenges facing the profession. Both radiologist leaders and their professional business executive teams are on the front lines of transformation.

All of our clients benefit from our non-attribution experience with others, from insight into what others are doing successfully, as well as from what others have failed to do to secure their futures. You can also expect us to share with you what we and our colleagues are seeing on the horizon - awareness necessary to successfully engage the emerging marketplace.

We are quite proud of being of service to over 1,800 radiologists in over 75 radiology groups, of assisting hospitals and health systems with respect to integrated imaging strategies, and of supporting imaging center operators on various matters.

Give us a call or send us an email at any time - we are here to help. If the help you seek is not in our areas of expertise, we will be happy to refer you to someone we trust who can be of assistance.

Supporting radiologist leaders, professional radiology business management leaders & other diagnostic imaging leadership constituents is our passion.

Our success is measured only by the results we provide for our clients.

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